3 months 3D4D Equipment rent for just $399/month with training...for detailes call (925) 238-6019

We are happy to present you our most successful 3D4D Office in CA

At "Your 3D4D Business", we are a team of enthusiastic MDs and sonographers. Some of us are bilingual or trilingual, some of us have strong backgrounds in European medical and business fields and some of us have served as teachers in ultrasound medical institutions.

Some training can be offered in Spanish, Chinese, French, German or Romanian.

"Your 3D4D Business" IS NOT A FRANCHISE and is the only 3D4D business with five (active, successful and growing) facilities in California.

3D4D From OBGYN To Your Business

3D4D is a sophisticated computer program resulting in a reconstructed three dimensional width, height and depth volume image of a fetus' surface. 4D represents the fourth dimension: time.

Our approach to 3D4D ultrasound IS NOT a scholastic, ridged, medical manipulation approach. IT IS a live, realistic, even artistic presentation of an unborn baby and its movements in real time. As such, we consider it an ART.

The gentle manipulation of this medical tool brings “Divine” light and sounds in every family’s life. This requires respect, abnegation, and talent on the part of the practitioner. The implications of seeing a baby in 3D4D are beyond even the interhuman or philosophical sphere. In some cases 3D4D images are a vital family keepsake.

For Your Future Sole Proprietorship or Your Organization

At "Your 3D4D Business", we want to be a perfect alternative to any 3D4D franchises and we will help you to open your own 3D4D business, saving 90% of what you would pay in the first year as franchisee.

We can deliver a turnkey 3D4D business to you or can just train you in any aspect of 3D4D ultrasound techniques. (Contact us for more details)

We’ll provide a highly qualified team of experts to set up the business for you in no time, starting from equipment purchase, to websites and beyond.

Many MDs and CEOs have switched from skin care to 3D4D, confirming that 3D4D as a business is better than Botox and laser resurfacing. Families spend less and less money on themselves, but always a lot on their BABIES.

'Money Talks', Licenses, and Scare Tactics

Important details regarding this business:

  1. Every Community with more than 70,000 people is able to sustain a 3D4D business.
  2. You don’t need a sonographer license. Fortunately ultrasound is still one of the few medical fields that do not require any special certifications or licenses. You will need to comply, however, with many rules and regulations. (Contact us for more details)

Some franchises will say that you are not able to find them, but we are here for you. Money talks. Be a brave and smart entrepreneur or a franchisee big spender.

To convince you, we can provide a detailed price comparison between the services we offer to open a 3D4D Business and those used by franchises or other companies. (Contact us for more details)

Learning, Hands-on, Training and Business and Online

At "Your 3D4D Business", we can provide all the training in our facility in California or can train you at a location that is convenient for you.

To help you save even more money, no matter which program you choose..

  1. Turnkey 3D4D business
  2. Ultrasound, 3D4D business
  3. or just Ultrasound training or skincare

..the theoretical training can be presented online or in a class at our facility.

Because 3D4D is a serious field of study, the only way to succeed will be ”Hands On” Training.

Our "Hands On" training programs offer more hours and at a lower price than anybody by LIVE scanning in 3D4D.(Contact us for more details)

No "Cold training" on phantoms… (You will receive one for training at home), just "Hands On" on pregnant women in different stages of pregnancy (respecting AIUM and FDA regulations).