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We are happy to present you our most successful 3D4D Office in CA

At "Your 3D4D Business", we developed our modes based on three major goals: profit, quality and customer satisfaction.

A. First you need to know your preference:
    1. Turnkey business
        We do all the foot work: the business plan from legal
to equipment and accessories acquisition, from
waiver to all marketing issues.
  2. 3D4D complete business and ultrasound hands-on training
  We will lead you down the path to starting a 3D4D
business and will train you from A to Z.
  3. Just 3D4D hands-on ultrasound
  4. Skin care ultrasound
B. Next we need to know your expected profit and
how much work and money you want to invest.
For expected profit we propose:
  1. Basic level with one office single office with
an expected net profit of……………
  2. Advanced level with 2 or more offices with an
expected net profit of……………(remember we have
5 locations)
C. We will study your target area as more than just demographic numbers. We will advise you based on:
  1. Age, race, income, ethnicity and cultural differences
  2. Traditions
  3. Religion
  ... so that you won't have to struggle to make your business a success.
D. The industry offers many types of ultrasound equipment and accessories. If you are good, you can use $25,000-35,000 used equipment and deliver better images than you would with a $40,000 or even $100,000 system. Remember 3D4D Ultrasound is an ART and not solely computer-based.
  We will present you with THE best, most economical, options and alternatives.
E. We will introduce you to all legal labyrinths of "Scare Tactics", and we will show you the light from the other side of the tunnel, covering:
  1. Regulations and compliance issues
  2. State and Federal Regulations, FDA and AIUM association recommendations.
  3. Protocols, HEPA, BPD, FL, AIUM, CRL, IVC, etc.
F. Marketing. Marketing Is like a "black hole": you can spend a fortune without getting a single client. WE will help you with your:
  1. Brochures, magazine articles, radio, TV, etc.
  2. Website, your networks, forums, blogs, SMS, links, Spaces, etc.
G. We will even help you with interior decorating:
  We will present you with THE best, most economical, options and alternatives.
H. Most importantly, we will teach you do's and don'ts based on our experience:
I. And everything that:
  1. a Franchise can offer you...
  2. Including all necessary accounting forms,rules and financial regulations necessary for your small business.
J. Etc. (Contact us)