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We are happy to present you our most successful 3D4D Office in CA


Q. Do I need special ultrasound licensing,
certification or to have graduated
from a medical institution?
A. NO.
Q. Do you offer turnkey 3D4D business?
A. Yes, including all the training.
Q. Can you provide training at our facility?
A. Yes, with some restrictions.
Q. Do you offer financial incentives or a payment
plan for 3D4D complete training?
A. Yes.
Q. Do all online classes take place on the
same day?
A. No. Because the adult attention span is less the 30 min. and the volume of information is huge, it wouldn't make sense to deliver all of the information in one day. You would be asking about the same information again the next day, or even worse not retain the information at all.
Q. We are 2 partners who want to open a 3D4D business. Can you train both of us for the same price?
A. Yes.
Q. Does the training include any medical measurements, etc.?
A. We will teach you basic medical measurements and also basic pathology. We will also train you in "Emergency Strategies", reporting, etc.
Q. Can you help us to find personnel for our 3D4D business?
A. Yes, we can try.
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